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Daniel Konstantinov
Daniel Konstantinov

Skinsoft Visual Styler: The Ultimate Skinning Component for C# and VB.Net Developers

it integrates directly with visual studio and provides developers the ability to see the design-time changes to their controls. they also include a style library which enable users to browse, preview and select any visual style from the library. visualstyler also allows developers to easily import new visual styles from any msstyles file or zip archive. and, they also include a number of other features such as a code analyzer, a decompiler, a code generator, an xml parser, a snapshot diff viewer and more.

skinsoft visual styler full version

visualstyler also provides a completely integrated design-time ide experience, not just a visual editor. in addition to having access to all of the advanced features of the component, visualstyler also includes a rich smart-tag designer, a style browser, a style wizard and much more.

i have downloaded the visualstyler from your website, and made a couple of minor changes, but can't get it to work. the shortcut is not in the start menu, and the "install".exe seems to be corrupted, and i can't find any install files on the disc. i don't have admin privileges to install anything on my system.

visualstyler is a great add-in for vs, i've used it for years, but with visualstudio 2015 i can't seem to use it anymore. when i open the design-time form, it's empty and i can't click on anything. anyone else run into this issue?

the skinsoft visualstyler can be used to help create custom, professional-looking skins for almost any windows application. it offers a number of pre-designed templates, and you can customize any of them to create your own interface. it allows you to create and edit your own background images, and it allows you to create interface images of any color and transparency, so you can customize any color scheme to your liking.


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