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Read Glass Sword Online for Free: The Amazing Fantasy Book by Victoria Aveyard

Glass Sword Book Free Download Victoria

If you are looking for a thrilling fantasy novel that will keep you on the edge of your seat, you might want to check out Glass Sword by Victoria Aveyard. This is the second book in the Red Queen series, a bestselling YA saga that combines dystopian elements with magic and romance.

Glass Sword Book Free Download Victoria

In this article, we will give you a brief overview of Glass Sword, its plot, themes, reception, and adaptation. We will also tell you how you can download a free PDF copy of this amazing book by Victoria Aveyard.

The Red Queen Series

Glass Sword is part of the Red Queen series by Victoria Aveyard, an American author who debuted with Red Queen in 2015. The series consists of four main novels (Red Queen, Glass Sword, King's Cage, War Storm) and two novellas (Cruel Crown, Broken Throne).

The series is set in a world where people are divided by blood color into two groups: Reds and Silvers. Reds are ordinary humans who live in poverty and oppression under the rule of Silvers. Silvers are elites who possess superhuman abilities that make them superior to Reds.

The main protagonist of the series is Mare Barrow, a Red girl who discovers that she has the rare power to control electricity. She becomes involved in a rebellion against the Silver regime, led by the Scarlet Guard, a secret organization of Red rebels. She also finds herself in a complicated love triangle with two Silver princes: Cal and Maven.

The Glass Sword Plot

Escape from Maven

Glass Sword picks up where Red Queen left off, with Mare and Cal escaping from Maven, the new king of Norta. Maven is Mare's former fiancé and ally, who betrayed her and revealed himself as the mastermind behind the Scarlet Guard's attacks. He also killed his father, King Tiberias, and framed Cal for his murder.

Mare and Cal are rescued by the Scarlet Guard, who take them to a hidden base in Naercey, a ruined city. There, they meet Mare's brother Shade, who is also a newblood, a term for Reds with Silver abilities. They also learn that the Scarlet Guard is much bigger and more organized than they thought, with allies from other countries.

Finding the Newbloods

Mare decides to use a list of names given to her by Julian Jacos, Cal's uncle and a Silver researcher, to find and recruit other newbloods before Maven does. She believes that they are the key to overthrowing the Silver tyranny and creating a new world where Reds and Silvers are equal.

With the help of Shade, Kilorn, Farley, Cal, and other members of the Scarlet Guard, Mare travels across Norta in search of the newbloods. Along the way, she encounters many dangers and challenges, such as Silver hunters, bounty hunters, traitors, and enemies from her past.

She also discovers that each newblood has a unique and powerful ability that can be used for good or evil. Some of the newbloods she meets are Nix (who can manipulate metal), Cameron (who can nullify other abilities), Ada (who can heal wounds), Harrick (who can create illusions), and Jon (who can see the future).

The Battle of Corros Prison

After gathering a large group of newbloods, Mare decides to launch a rescue mission to free the imprisoned newbloods and Silvers from Corros Prison, a notorious facility where Maven tortures and experiments on his captives. She hopes to find allies among the Silvers who are loyal to Cal or opposed to Maven.

The mission is risky and dangerous, but Mare manages to infiltrate the prison with the help of her friends and allies. She frees many prisoners, including Julian Jacos, Ann Walsh (a Silver general), Elane Haven (a Silver healer), and others. She also confronts Maven face to face and fights him with her lightning.

However, she also suffers losses and casualties. Shade is killed by Ptolemus Samos, Evangeline's brother and Maven's ally. Farley is wounded and reveals that she is pregnant with Shade's child. Mare is devastated by her brother's death and vows to avenge him.

The Betrayal of Jon

Mare and her friends escape from Corros Prison and regroup at Montfort, a mountainous country that supports the Scarlet Guard. There, they meet the king of Montfort, Anabel Lerolan, who is Cal's grandmother and Julian's mother. She offers them sanctuary and assistance in their fight against Maven.

Mare also learns that Jon, the newblood who can see the future, has betrayed her to Maven. He tells her that he has seen a vision of her killing Maven and becoming a tyrant worse than him. He says that he has given Maven information about her whereabouts and plans in order to prevent that future.

Mare is shocked and angry by Jon's betrayal. She doesn't believe his vision and thinks that he is lying or manipulated by Maven. She decides to ignore his warning and continue her quest to overthrow Maven.

The Sacrifice of Mare

Mare receives a message from Maven, who tells her that he has captured her family and friends in Norta. He threatens to kill them unless she surrenders herself to him. He also tells her that he has gathered an army of 5,000 children with Silver abilities to fight against her and the Scarlet Guard.

Mare is torn between saving her loved ones and fighting for her cause. She knows that Maven is lying and manipulating her, but she also can't risk losing them. She decides to sacrifice herself for their sake and agrees to meet Maven at his palace in Archeon.

The Glass Sword Themes

Power and Corruption

One of the main themes of Glass Sword is power and corruption. The book explores how power can corrupt people and make them do terrible things. Maven is the prime example of this theme, as he uses his power to oppress, torture, and kill anyone who opposes him. He also manipulates Mare and others with his lies and charm.

Mare also struggles with the temptation of power and corruption. She becomes more ruthless and violent as she uses her lightning to fight and kill. She also becomes more isolated and paranoid as she distrusts everyone around her. She fears that she will become like Maven or worse if she doesn't control herself.

Cal is another character who faces the dilemma of power and corruption. He is the rightful heir to the throne, but he doesn't want to rule over a broken and divided kingdom. He also doesn't agree with the Scarlet Guard's methods of rebellion, but he doesn't have a better alternative. He is torn between his duty and his conscience.

Identity and Loyalty

Another theme of Glass Sword is identity and loyalty. The book explores how identity and loyalty can shape people's choices and actions. Mare is the main character who deals with this theme, as she tries to figure out who she is and where she belongs. She is a Red with Silver abilities, a lightning girl who can't fit in either world.

Mare also struggles with her loyalty to her family, friends, allies, and cause. She loves her family and friends, but she also feels responsible for the newbloods and the Scarlet Guard. She wants to protect them all, but she also has to make hard decisions that might hurt them. She wonders if she can trust anyone or if everyone will betray her.

Shade, Farley, Kilorn, and other characters also face the issue of identity and loyalty. Shade is a newblood who can teleport, but he also loves his family and his country. Farley is a captain of the Scarlet Guard, but she also loves Shade and their unborn child. Kilorn is Mare's childhood friend, but he also envies her abilities and resents her choices.

Love and Betrayal

A third theme of Glass Sword is love and betrayal. The book explores how love and betrayal can affect people's emotions and relationships. Mare is the main character who experiences this theme, as she suffers from multiple betrayals by people she loved or trusted. Maven is the most obvious example of this theme, as he betrays Mare's love and trust by revealing himself as a villain.

Mare also feels betrayed by Jon, who sells her out to Maven for his own vision of the future. She feels betrayed by Cal, who chooses his blood over her when he learns that his grandmother is alive. She feels betrayed by herself, when she realizes that she has hurt and lied to many people along the way.

Cal, Maven, Farley, Shade, and other characters also deal with love and betrayal in different ways. Cal loves Mare, but he also loves his brother Maven, who betrayed him and killed their father. Maven loves Mare, but he also hates her for being different and powerful. Farley loves Shade, but he dies in her arms. Shade loves Farley, but he leaves her alone with their child.

The Glass Sword Reception

Glass Sword received mixed reviews from critics and readers alike. Some praised the book for its fast-paced plot, complex characters, and dark themes. They enjoyed the action scenes, the twists and turns, and the emotional depth of the story. They also appreciated the diversity and representation of the characters.

Others criticized the book for its slow start, repetitive dialogue, and lack of originality. They found the plot predictable, the characters annoying, and the themes clichéd. They also complained about the lack of romance, humor, and hope in the story. They felt that the book was too bleak and depressing.

The book was a commercial success nonetheless. It debuted at number one on The New York Times bestseller list for young adult hardcover books. It sold over 150,000 copies in its first week of publication. It also won several awards and nominations, such as the Goodreads Choice Award for Best Young Adult Fantasy & Science Fiction in 2016.

The Glass Sword Adaptation

Glass Sword is part of the planned movie adaptation of the Red Queen series by Universal Pictures. The studio acquired the rights to the series in 2015, before the first book was even published. Elizabeth Banks, who directed the Pitch Perfect movies, was attached to direct the first movie.

However, the adaptation has faced several delays and challenges since then. The script has gone through multiple revisions and writers, such as Gennifer Hutchison (Breaking Bad), Allison Shearmur (The Hunger Games), and Aveyard herself. The casting and production have not been announced yet, and the release date is unknown.

Despite the uncertainty, many fans are still hopeful and excited for the adaptation. They have expressed their opinions and suggestions on social media, blogs, and forums. They have also created fan art, fan fiction, and fan videos based on the series. They hope that the adaptation will do justice to the books and bring them to life on the big screen.

The Glass Sword Free Download

If you are interested in reading Glass Sword by Victoria Aveyard, you are in luck. We have a special offer for you. You can download a free PDF copy of this amazing book from a reputable source. All you have to do is click on the link below and follow the instructions.

This is a limited time offer, so don't miss this opportunity. Download your free copy of Glass Sword by Victoria Aveyard today and enjoy this thrilling fantasy novel. You won't regret it.

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Glass Sword by Victoria Aveyard is a captivating fantasy novel that will keep you hooked from start to finish. It is the second book in the Red Queen series, a bestselling YA saga that combines dystopian elements with magic and romance. It follows the adventures of Mare Barrow, a Red girl with Silver abilities, as she fights against Maven, a Silver king who betrayed her.

The book explores various themes such as power and corruption, identity and loyalty, and love and betrayal. It also features a diverse and complex cast of characters, each with their own strengths and flaws. It also has a fast-paced and action-packed plot, full of twists and turns that will surprise you.

If you are looking for a thrilling fantasy novel that will keep you on the edge of your seat, you should definitely read Glass Sword by Victoria Aveyard. And if you want to read it for free, you can download a free PDF copy of this amazing book from our link below.

Don't wait any longer. Download your free copy of Glass Sword by Victoria Aveyard now and enjoy this fantastic book.


Here are some frequently asked questions about Glass Sword by Victoria Aveyard:

  • Q: Is Glass Sword a standalone book?

  • A: No, Glass Sword is not a standalone book. It is the second book in the Red Queen series by Victoria Aveyard. You should read Red Queen first before reading Glass Sword.

  • Q: How many pages is Glass Sword?

  • A: Glass Sword has 444 pages in the hardcover edition and 464 pages in the paperback edition.

  • Q: What is the reading level of Glass Sword?

  • A: Glass Sword is suitable for readers aged 13 and up. It has a Lexile measure of HL740L and an ATOS level of 5.4.

  • Q: Is Glass Sword appropriate for kids?

  • A: Glass Sword is appropriate for mature teens and young adults who can handle violence, death, torture, betrayal, and other dark themes. It also contains some mild profanity and sexual references.

  • Q: When will Glass Sword movie come out?

  • A: There is no official release date for the movie adaptation of Glass Sword yet. The movie is still in development by Universal Pictures, with Elizabeth Banks attached to direct. The script, casting, and production have not been announced yet.



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