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in development, the prince of persia's right arm was replaced in early development with the dagger of time and the left arm became a bare hand. the prince still moved however, albeit less acrobatically, and the bare hand could still be used to attack. [7] when the team saw the tomb raider reboot in 2002, they were inspired by the game's action and movement and decided to draw inspiration for the prince's right arm movement from lara croft's a[n] in tomb raider's. [14] in the sands of time, the prince can lock himself in the past by standing on the different colored tiles around him. these tiles allow the prince to travel back in time ten seconds. the tiles usually require a certain amount of time to make the prince travel to the past. these tiles are given by the hourglass in the bottom-right of the prince's screen. the prince can also travel to the future when he has the charged dagger of time. the dagger of time is embedded into the hourglass found in the prince's top-right corner and it is made from the sands of time. the prince gains charges at the hours of the day, during the hourglass's spinning, when he travels into the past. when he comes back to the present, the hourglass makes an audible sound, and the sand in the hourglass will fall into the hourglass, fully charging the dagger. the prince can travel back to the past and the future until there are no more sand in the hourglass. the dagger of time functions the same way as the hourglass. when the charges are completed, the hourglass will make another audible sound and the sand will spill from the hourglass, reducing the power of the dagger by half. if the dagger is reduced to its lowest point, the game ends. the hourglass will make another audible sound, and the sand will spill from the hourglass as the dagger is recharged. the sand will fall into the hourglass, and it will make another audible sound when the sand completes charging, and the sand will be poured into the hourglass, and the dagger will have full power and the game will continue.

download prince of persia sands of time highly compressed for pc


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