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Download Blue Protocol: A Review of the Game Features and Graphics

Download Blue Protocol: A Guide for Anime Fans

If you are a fan of anime and online games, you might have heard of Blue Protocol, a free-to-play multiplayer online action RPG that features a stunning anime-style graphics, a dynamic action combat system, a deep character customization, and an epic story set in a vast world. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about Blue Protocol, including what it is, how to download it, and why you should play it.

What is Blue Protocol?

Blue Protocol is an online action RPG developed by Bandai Namco Online and Bandai Namco Studios, and published by Amazon Games. It is inspired by popular anime series such as Sword Art Online, Fairy Tail, and Attack on Titan. In Blue Protocol, you become the hero of your very own anime adventure, as you explore the beautiful and dangerous world of Regnas, fight against various enemies and monsters, and uncover the truth about your origins and destiny.

download blue protocol


A free-to-play online action RPG set in a beautiful anime world

One of the most appealing aspects of Blue Protocol is its gorgeous anime-style graphics, which are powered by Unreal Engine 4. The game features a colorful and detailed art style that captures the essence of anime, with expressive characters, stunning environments, and spectacular effects. The game also has a rich and immersive soundtrack that complements the mood and atmosphere of the game. You can watch the official trailer for Blue Protocol [here](^1^).

A dynamic combat system with customizable weapons and skills

Another key feature of Blue Protocol is its action-based combat system, which allows you to control your character in real-time, using simple and intuitive controls that can be customized to suit your playstyle. You can choose from four different classes: Blade Warden (a sword-and-shield fighter), Twin Striker (a dual-wielding rogue), Blast Archer (a long-range archer), and Spell Caster (a magic user). Each class has its own unique weapons, skills, and abilities that you can unlock and upgrade as you progress through the game. You can also switch between classes at any time, depending on the situation.

A deep character customization with various options and mounts

In Blue Protocol, you can create your ideal anime character, with a wide range of options for your facial appearance, hairstyle, clothes, accessories, weapons, and mounts. You can mix and match different items to create a combination that reflects your personal style. You can also collect various mounts that you can ride on in the game world, such as horses, wolves, dragons, and more. You can see some examples of the character customization in Blue Protocol [here](^2^).

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A multiplayer adventure with quests, boss battles, and raids

Blue Protocol is not just a solo game; it is also a multiplayer game where you can team up with other players to tackle quests, fight boss battles, and engage in massive online raids against towering monsters. You can join or create a party with up to four players, or join a guild with up to 100 players. You can also chat with other players using text or voice chat, trade items with them, or challenge them to duels. You can also participate in various events and activities that are regularly held by the developers.

How to download Blue Protocol?

If you are p>interested in playing Blue Protocol, you might be wondering how to download and install it on your PC. Here are the steps you need to follow:

The release date and regions for Blue Protocol

Before you can download Blue Protocol, you need to know when and where it is available. The game was initially released in Japan on March 28th, 2019, and it is still in development for the Japanese market. However, the good news is that the game is also planned to be released globally in the second half of 2023 for PC (Steam), PlayStation 5, and Xbox. The global version will be published by Amazon Games, and it will be available in North and South America, Western Europe, Australia, and New Zealand. A closed beta for the global version can be expected before mid-2023.

The system requirements for Blue Protocol

Another thing you need to check before you download Blue Protocol is whether your PC can run it smoothly. The game has a high-quality anime graphics that require a decent hardware to support it. Here are the minimum and recommended system requirements for Blue Protocol:


OS: Windows 10 (64-bit)OS: Windows 10 / 11 (64-bit)

Processor: Intel Corei3-4340 or AMD FX-6300Processor: Intel Corei7-11700 or AMD Ryzen 7 5800X

Memory: 8 GB RAMMemory: 16 GB RAM

Graphics: NVIDIA Geforce GTX660 (2GB) or AMD Radeon R7 370 (2GB)Graphics: NVIDIA Geforce RTX 2070 Super (8GB) or AMD Radeon RX5700XT (8GB)

DirectX: Version 11DirectX: Version 12

Network: Broadband Internet connectionNetwork: Broadband Internet connection

Storage: 40 GB available spaceStorage: 40 GB available space

Additional Notes: Internet connection required to play, offers in-game purchasesAdditional Notes: Internet connection required to play, offers in-game purchases

If your PC meets the minimum requirements, you can play Blue Protocol with low settings and resolution. However, if you want to enjoy the game with high settings and resolution, you should aim for the recommended requirements or higher.

The steps to download and install Blue Protocol

If you are ready to download Blue Protocol, you need to follow these steps:

  • Create a Bandai Namco ID account on the official website [here](^4^). You will need this account to log in to the game and access its features.

  • Download the Steam client on your PC [here](^5^) if you don't have it already. You will need this client to launch the game and update it.

  • Search for Blue Protocol on the Steam store [here](^6^) or use this link [here](^7^). You will see the game's page with its description, screenshots, videos, and reviews.

  • Click on the "Add to your wishlist" button to get notified when the game becomes available. You can also follow the game's official Twitter account [here](^8^) or join its Discord server [here](^9^) for more updates and news.

  • When the game is released, you will be able to download it for free by clicking on the "Play Game" button on the Steam store page. The download size may vary depending on your region and updates.

  • Once the download is complete, you can install the game by following the instructions on the screen. The installation may take some time depending on your PC's performance and storage space.

  • After the installation is done, you can launch the game by clicking on its icon on your desktop or in your Steam library. You will be asked to log in with your Bandai Namco ID account and agree to the terms of service and privacy policy.

You can then create your character, choose your class, and start your adventure in B


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