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Dmmd Reconnect Game Download English

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dmmd reconnect game download english

Here is the link for the DRAMAtical Murder Reconnect download. This is the Windows version only. I have tried, and failed, to find a mac version of Reconnect, either getting dead links or nothing at all. The files that I uploaded are my own personal copies. I copied and saved the file for the games once I completed them, and because of that, I am not sure if the version you will download will be completed or start fresh from the beginning. Can someone please tell me once they do download it so I can update this information? Both are 18 plus games. Click here for the original game.

Dramatical Murder was originally released as an adult game on March 23, 2012, playable on Windows PCs as either a digital download or DVD.[12] On April 26, 2013 a fan disc called Dramatical Murder re:connect was released; it included extra scenes, expanded upon the endings with scenes that take place before and after them, new CG images, songs and a minigame.[13]

I downloaded everything but when I try to run the crack a black screen pops up and then goes away. I also noticed I didn't have the DMMd reconnect - Fullset in my folder. Is that the problem maybe? Any help would be appreciated!

I see the first episode of DRAMAtical murder .When I was looking the wiki I saw there is a game of this anime .Then I saw this review .After I finished reading I think i was gonna vomit :D Especially Rens Bad ending 2 was loathing.Actually I dont dislike yaoi but this one was really bad .Anyway thanks for reviewing and sorry for english mistakes :D


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