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The Secrets and Surprises of Legio Comix Outcast Night

Legio Comix Outcast Night: A Review

If you are a fan of erotic comics with a twist of fantasy, horror, and humor, you might have heard of Legio Comix, a professional artist who creates stunning and original works on DeviantArt. One of his most popular comics is Outcast Night, a story about Seth and Repree, two outcasts who find each other in a dark and dangerous world. In this article, I will review Legio Comix Outcast Night and tell you why it is worth reading.

legio comix outcast night

The Story of Seth and Repree

Legio Comix Outcast Night is a comic that consists of four chapters, each with about 20 pages. The story follows Seth, a young man who was born with a curse that turns him into a werewolf every night. Because of his condition, he is shunned by his family and society, and lives as a fugitive in the woods. One night, he encounters Repree, a beautiful and mysterious woman who claims to be a witch. She offers him a deal: she will help him break his curse if he agrees to be her lover for one night. Seth accepts, but soon realizes that Repree has her own secrets and motives.

The comic is a mix of romance, action, suspense, and comedy, as Seth and Repree face various challenges and enemies along their journey. They also develop a deep bond that transcends their differences and circumstances. The comic has a lot of erotic scenes that showcase the chemistry and passion between the two protagonists, as well as their personalities and emotions. The comic also has some twists and surprises that keep the readers engaged and curious.

The Art Style and Quality

One of the most impressive aspects of Legio Comix Outcast Night is the art style and quality. Legio has a distinctive style that combines realistic proportions and details with cartoonish expressions and colors. He uses a variety of techniques such as shading, lighting, perspective, and backgrounds to create dynamic and immersive scenes. He also pays attention to the anatomy, poses, movements, and facial expressions of his characters, making them look alive and expressive.

The comic is also very well-drawn and polished, with no noticeable errors or flaws. The colors are vibrant and contrasted, creating a striking visual effect. The panels are well-organized and easy to follow, with clear transitions and dialogues. The comic also has some bonus pages that show sketches, concept art, pin-ups, and alternative versions of some scenes.

The Themes and Messages

Legio Comix Outcast Night is not just a simple erotic comic; it also has some deeper themes and messages that resonate with the readers. One of the main themes is the concept of outcasts, people who are rejected or marginalized by society because of their appearance, identity, or abilities. The comic explores how outcasts cope with their isolation, discrimination, and persecution, and how they find meaning and happiness in their lives. The comic also shows how outcasts can form bonds and communities with other outcasts, and how they can challenge and change the norms and expectations of society.

Another theme is the concept of love, in its various forms and expressions. The comic depicts how love can be found in unexpected places and situations, and how it can overcome obstacles and differences. The comic also shows how love can be expressed in different ways, such as physical, emotional, or spiritual. The comic also illustrates how love can be a source of strength, healing, and transformation, as well as a source of conflict, pain, and sacrifice.

The Pros and Cons

Legio Comix Outcast Night is a comic that has many pros and cons, depending on the preferences and expectations of the readers. Here are some of them:


The story is original, engaging, and unpredictable.The story is not very long or complex.

The art style and quality are superb and consistent.The art style may not appeal to everyone.

The characters are likable, relatable, and well-developed.The characters are not very diverse or representative.

The erotic scenes are hot, varied, and tasteful.The erotic scenes may be too explicit or frequent for some readers.

The themes and messages are meaningful and relevant.The themes and messages may be too subtle or vague for some readers.


In conclusion, Legio Comix Outcast Night is a comic that offers a lot of entertainment and enjoyment for fans of erotic comics with a twist of fantasy, horror, and humor. The comic has a captivating story, stunning art style, charming characters, steamy erotic scenes, and profound themes and messages. The comic also has some flaws and limitations that may affect the satisfaction of some readers. However, overall, Legio Comix Outcast Night is a comic that deserves to be read and appreciated by anyone who loves comics.


Here are some frequently asked questions and answers about Legio Comix Outcast Night:

  • Q: Where can I read Legio Comix Outcast Night?

  • A: You can read Legio Comix Outcast Night on DeviantArt, where Legio posts his comics for free. You can also support him on Patreon, where you can get access to exclusive content and rewards.

  • Q: Is Legio Comix Outcast Night finished or ongoing?

  • A: Legio Comix Outcast Night is finished. The comic has four chapters that were completed in 2020. Legio has no plans to continue or expand the story as of now.

  • Q: Does Legio Comix Outcast Night have any spin-offs or sequels?

  • A: Legio Comix Outcast Night does not have any official spin-offs or sequels. However, Legio has created some other comics that are set in the same universe or feature some of the same characters as Outcast Night. Some examples are Sister Lux, Breaking Up Aya, and Seth's Story.

  • Q: What are some other comics by Legio that I can read?

  • A: Legio has created many other comics that cover different genres, styles, and themes. Some of his most popular comics are Erma, a horror-comedy about a cute girl who is also the daughter of the Ring girl; Tales of Outcast, a fantasy-adventure about a group of outcasts who fight against evil; and Dirty Pair, a sci-fi-action-comedy about two female agents who cause more trouble than they solve.

  • Q: How can I contact or follow Legio?

  • A: You can contact or follow Legio on his DeviantArt page, where he posts his comics and updates. You can also follow him on his Tumblr page, where he posts sketches, previews, and random stuff. You can also send him an email at if you have any questions or feedback.



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