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Dumb Ways to Die 4: The Latest Installment of the Legendary Game for PC

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What is Dumb Ways to Die? The Dumb Ways to Die app is a game that features 82 mini-games where the player collects charmingly dumb characters for their train station, achieves high scores, and unlocks the famous music video that started it all. The game is free to download and comes with a message from Metro to be safe around trains.

dumb ways to die apk pc

Dumb Ways To Die 2 offers countless opportunities for replay thanks to its enormous collection of mini-games. Since there are always new combinations of difficulties to overcome, getting bored is never an option. You can also communicate with friends, compete for rankings, and post your hilarious mishaps on social media. Who can score the most points or die the most outrageously?

We are always ready to guide you to run Dumb Ways to Die Original on your pc, if you encounter an error, please enter the information below to send notifications and wait for the earliest response from us.

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The developers of the campaign created a great music video with a catchy song to go along with the game. Play with your characters in Dumb Ways to Die and have fun while you learn to take precautions in daily life and avoid doing dumb stuff.

Dumb Ways To Die is a new MOD for Among Us in which we will find different ways to die in the game, in which ironically the Imposter will have to prevent the crewmates from dying. This MOD offers a new robot design for the Impostor and numerous elements that you will discover below. This is a MOD that has gained popularity among Among Us fans thanks to Youtubers like SSundee, who have played several games with friends.

This new MOD includes new decorations for the Among Us ship, new design for the Imposter, a bunch of new tasks related to silly ways to die, such as poking a bear with a stick to provoke its reaction, eating glue, and many other original ways to die.

In Dumb Ways To Die MOD we will also find the common Among us tasks, with a little plot twist, as we have to collect items while doing them to unlock the ways to die. The impostor can block the items and make the crew members unable to continue doing tasks. In addition, it also includes numerous skills for the Impostor, so that he can do his job. Of course, we will also have a very fun Mini Game.

Death is often a serious topic that most of us suppress. But thinking about death can let you explore ways of reaching it, especially the dumb ones. For the sake of fun, you can play Dumb Ways to Die to experience different funny death prevention methods. This adorable action game lets you immerse yourself in preventing the ways to die hilariously. To play this game on your PC, download it first and enjoy the fun!

Published by PlaySide Studios, Dumb Ways to Die is a unique action game boasting quirky elements. In the game, you encounter cute scenes and characters that are about to die. These characters will die for causes that can be preventable if they take action. Your role in the game is to prevent their deaths so you will succeed. Preventing their dumb deaths will then earn you a score and lets you progress. The characters you will play with are charmingly dumb, and they really need your help.

Vivid and lively sound with the role of funny expressions so that the game more fun, the sound of the game is more reflects the manufacturer's sincerity. The sound effects produced by the player's actions, the outcome of the game, and the various ways of death of the character are different. Listen to the funny sound effects, looking at the funny game screen can be quite decompression it.-apkaWard.Com

Rhythm, simple and interesting picture is the advantage of this, but the disadvantage is the difficulty of the game high, take some time to adapt to the level, looking for ways to solve the problem. Players like to play Aberdeen, small game collection type game may wish to give it a try.

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Stickman Henry is trapped in prison, and it's up to you to help him escape. Fortunately, his relatives have brought him a watermelon that he can use to escape. The game features various tools that you can use to help Stickman Henry break out of prison. If you make the wrong choice, you'll see a funny animation that will raise your spirits. You can repeat the selection of actions at any time, ensuring that you always have another chance to escape. Stickman Jailbreak 2 is a fun and entertaining game that is suitable for all ages, with no violent scenes that could make it unsuitable for children.


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