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Why should children learn Spanish in Nelson?

Updated: May 23, 2021

Why can learning Spanish be important for children? Lets look at five good reasons!

  1. Learning another language when you are small can bring many developmental benefits in children. Learning Spanish helps children to develop listening skills and this helps them to achieve academic goals. Learning Spanish opens a new world for children and will allow them to have experiences that will contribute their personal growth.

  2. Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world. There are 20 Spanish speaking countries in the world and there are more than 450 million native Spanish speakers. Spanish lessons will encourage children to learn about other cultures and also to develop skills than can be helpful in years to come. Learning Spanish will help children to expand their minds and enrich their knowledge of another language and associated vocabulary.

  3. Take advantage of children's amazing brains. Research has shown that children that learn a second language have enhanced cognitive development which in itself can lead to better critical thinking. Children that are exposed to another language have the ability to easily follow another language's grammar and vocabulary and they can easily acquire the accent of the native speaking teacher meaning that it is far more effective to learn as a child.

  4. When children learn Spanish they become exposed to a very rich and varied culture. A world of possibilities is opened up as Latin literature, arts, music and culture become more accessible. Children that take Spanish lessons have the opportunity to exchange ideas and acquire knowledge when they speak to a Spanish native speaker.

  5. Nelson is a town that is increasingly more diverse and children are exposed to different cultures and languages. We have a growing Spanish speaking community. Learning Spanish in Nelson will help your children to enjoy the Spanish Speaking community culture and enable them to communicate with their Columbian classmates.

Hola Nelson can provide Spanish lessons to children of different ages and levels. Some of the parents that have approached me for Spanish lessons have told me that their children had been wanting to learn Spanish because they want to talk with a friend at school that speaks Spanish. Personally I think this is a very beautiful way for children to get to know each other and embrace diversity. I really enjoy teaching Spanish to children, they are eager to learn while having fun. They are super clever and it is very exciting when they start learning vocabulary and get the accent just right. As the children learn Spanish parents become more involved and the whole family starts interacting and learning a good amount of vocabulary. If your little one is interested in learning some Spanish this is the place! Spanish lessons don't have to be boring. Spanish lesson with Hola Nelson can engage children to learn another language by making it fun, full of different activities and laughter. Contact Hola Nelson, learn Spanish now and let the journey begin!

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