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When it comes to describing our Spanish Language School or our business standards, hear it from our students. Take a look at their feedback below and learn all there is to know about learning at Hola Nelson.

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I 100% recommend Ana as a spanish tutor. She gives real,hands on experience of the Spanish language as well as cultural differences and knowkedge of the different Spanish speaking countries. I became top in my class for NCEA level 3 spanish which im etternally grateful for. She is friendly warm and makes learning a new language an amazing experience. !Ella es asombrosa!

April Kerslake

Ana is an excellent Teacher who will work with you on grammar, pronunciation or just conversation. I would recommend  her to anyone who wants to learn or work on their Spanish. I miss working with her.

Meghan Ryall

Ana was my Spanish tutor for several years and I cannot recommend her more. She is the loveliest person you will ever meet, and this complements her natural teaching ability to make every session interesting and engaging. Her knowledge of the language and its variations between countries is extensive and she passes this knowledge onto you in her teaching. She uses a variety of activities and techniques to help the student learn in different ways but is flexible and always open to new ideas. Lessons with Ana particularly helped me progress with my conversational Spanish, as her accent is easy to understand and she speaks clearly as well as having a good sense of her student ability . She puts 110% into everything, and you can tell that she is genuinely there to help you learn and wants to see you succeed. Her amazing and cheery personality made her feel more like my friend than a teacher but she still manage to help me with the language more than any other teacher I've had since.

Erica Hardiman

Testimonials: Testimonial

Ana is a great Spanish tutor. She is super friendly and easy going, and I would recommend her to anyone wanting to begin learning, improve or sharpen up their Spanish. I started learning Spanish to prepare for a trip to Central America. Initially I went to group classes, used apps and podcasts and tried to follow along Spanish shows on was all taking a long time to get the hang of it. I decided to start having one on one conversational lessons with Ana over a year ago and continuing them today.

Having a weekly lesson with Ana has really accelerated my learning and confidence speaking the language. highly recommend.

Shaun Cunningham

Ana has been giving Spanish lessons to my son off and on for a couple of years. She is great with kids and keeps things fun and engaging. Highly recommended.

Jessica Rubin

Testimonials: Testimonial

We have been learning Spanish with Ana since February 2020 and have gone from almost zero Knowledge (Hello and numbers from 1 to 10) to the ability to hold some sort of conversation. We were studying independently as well, but the weekly sessions with Ana allowed us to both practice our spoken Spanish (which is essential if you are learning online) and to ask all our queries when we did not understand the online material. Most notably she has adapted her sessions with us to move from Spanish grammar and vocabulary to conversational Spanish as we progressed with our learning. She is friendly helpful and a native speaker in Spanish, and adapts her teaching methods to suit the level of her students. We really recommend her services if you want a Spanish teacher, translator or just someone to improve your conversational Spanish skills.

Mike and Ellie Mayger

"Ana is a very patient and caring Spanish teacher which was perfect for me since I was a beginner learner. Ana Taught me alongside Spanish learning software and was invaluable at giving me the confidence to begin speaking, This confidence cant be gained learning on the computer. I sincerely recommend Ana and will continue learning with her once I am back in Nelson".


Testimonials: Testimonial
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